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Root-Zone Heating Solutions for Greenhouses!

Optimizing growing conditions for root zone's.

Agrimat InstallationRoot-zone heating is a greenhouse production method that focuses on an optimum root temperature by distributing heat to bench and floor growing systems.

With our solar root zone heating system we provide the perfect solution to significantly save you money with reducing energy usage by accurately and uniformly heat the exact area you want to heat and not the whole unused greenhouse space. This in turn will also increase earliness and higher quality of the crops, by maintaining this optimum root zone temperature.

Features and advantages of the system

  • Constant and controlled temperature in the root zone.
  • Safe and economical positioning of growing trays and pots of all types.
  • Energy saving system for heating the greenhouse space during the cold season.
  • Flexibility and simple assembly and dismantling.
  • Growing units can be used also without the heating system.
  • Easy cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Can handle a working pressure of up to 6 Bar (90 PSI) at 70°C.


System Components

A homogeneous mat of sleek Polypropylene panels, comprimising of numerous tubes seamlessly joined together by over-moulding injection technology, are installed at the base of the growth units so that the hot water running through the tubes yields a uniform heat ath the selected medium temperature that speeds up the growing process in the greenhouse.



PricingAgrimat Installation

As each installation site differs so does the requirements for the installations, to determine the requirements we do a FREE NO OBLIGATORY quotation that will ensure to suite all your Root-Zone heating requirement for your Greenhouse.

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