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Heliocol Solar Swimming Pool Heating Solutions suited for
Residential and Commercial Pools
Heating your pool for 9 months of the year

With the winter months making the usage of the swimming pools virtually down to zero, Associated Solar Industries (Pty) Ltd can help lengthen the joy of swimming with one of the best Solar Pool Heating Systems on the market today.  Our HELIOCOL solar panel is manufactured and imported from Israel and used in various installations around the world.

Heliocol Commercial Pool Heating Solutions - Training the Future Hotel & Resort Solar Pool Heating Solutions Residential Pool Heating Solutions


Why use the Heliocol System

WARRANTY 10 years Factory
20 years Life expectancy - proven not just offered.
In continous manufactur for 36 years.
World's number on by unit sales.
SCALING RESISTANT Polymer exchanger material eliminates calcium build up in the solar panel.
FREEZE RESISTANT Material not affected by freezing conditions.
LIGHT WEIGHT The HELIOCOL solar collector only weighs up to 5.5kg/m2 full of water.


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Residential Pool Heating Solutions

Memorable moments in the swimming PoolHeliocol Residential Installation

For thousands of South Africans, we have extended their investment of their swimming pools to 9 months of the year and helped to make the family pool fun more memorable with the Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System.

Which size system will suit you best?

The size of the system is calculated according to the size of the swimming pool, the placement of installation and the distance from the solar panels to the pump.

  • Systems are installed on a North facing pitched or flat roof.
  • Systems are calculated to give 6°C to 8°C pool temperature rise without a solar blanket.
No of Panels Pool Size Surface Area Perimeter Capacity
(in Litres)
2 5 x 3 15 m2 16m 20 000
3 6 x 4 18 m2 18m 25 000
3 6 x 4 24 m2 20m 34 000
4 8 x 4 32 m2 24m 45 000
5 9 x 4,5 40 m2 27m 56 000
6 10 x 5 50 m2 30m 70 000
7 11 x 5 55 m2 32m 77 000
8 11 x 6 66 m2 34m 91 000
9 12 x 6 72 m2 36m 100 000


We have installed Olympic size swimming pools and various school swimming pools.  For queries on swimming pools larger than 12 x 6.

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Sport Facilities Pool Heating Solutions

Training the Swimming pool athletes of tomorrow

As South Africa's sport industry keeps on growing, we here at Associated Solar Industries believe that our water athletes should be provided with the best training opportunities available to help them grow into the winners of tomorrow. We provide the solution to this by heating up the swimming pool water to give the athletes the benefit of comfortable & longer training periods during the year.

We have installed solar pool heating systems for various schools and water sports training facilities that train from olympic hopefull's e.g. swimmers, high divers, underwater hockey, water polo players and synchronised swimming to scuba divers.

With better training conditions you can ensure that the althletes that you train today or the sporting event that you host will have a safe and comfortable environment.

sizing the system for your facility?

The size of the system is calculated according to the size of the swimming pool, the placement of installation and the distance from the solar panels to the pump.


Installed at the following facilities:Heliocol Sporting Facility Installation

  • Pharmac House, Jeppestown (Hybrid System).
  • Edenvale High School.
  • De La Salle Holy Cross College.
  • Brits Leather Tannery (Bulk Water Heating).
  • St. Teresa's High School.
  • American Internation School (Consulted / Supplied).
  • St. Teresa's Mercy School.
  • Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge.
  • Pines Resort.
  • St. David's Marists Inanda.
  • Midstream Estate Gym (Hybrid System).
  • Lusaka International Community School.
  • Amber Glen Retirement Village, Howick (Hybrid System).
  • Centurion Swimming & Aqua Centre (Hybrid System).
  • Kyalami Preparatory School.
  • WHBS (Pretoria).
  • St. Stithians College (Sandton).
  • University of Wit Watersrand (Parktown Campus).
  • Christ Church Preparatory School and College(Midrand).
  • St. Dominic's School(Boksburg).
  • Montrose Primary School (Sandton).
  • Hillcrest Swimming School (Pretoria).
  • St. Mary's DSG (Pretoria).
  • Grayston Preparatory (Sandton).
  • La Salle (Roodepoort).
  • Monument Primary (Pretoria).
  • Grey College (Bloemfontein).
  • Rand Park High School(Randburg).
  • Scubavercity (Roodepoort).
  • Woodhill College.
  • L.C. De Villiers High Performance Centre (Pretoria University, Pretoria).
  • Afrikaans Seun's Hoërskool (Pretoria).
  • Marion College (Linmeyer).

The Hybrid system mentioned above, is a solar pool heating system working in conjunction with a Heat Pump.

Heliocol has been used in various commercial facilities from Olympic Games to hotels and resorts across the world.
Here in South Africa, we have installed and running sucessful Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems at various Schools, Universities and Diving schools.

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Hotel & Resort Pool Heating Solutions

Heliocol Hotel & Resort InstallationInstalled at Sun City Vacation Club and various Hotels and Resorts across the world.

Heliocol has insured that the clients of hotel's and resort's has a more comfortable and relaxed experience in the pool.

We have cost effective solutions that will save money by reducing the swimming pools heating costs, while prologing the use of the investment in your pool facility.


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How does a HELIOCOL Solar System Work?

How the Heliocol Swimming pool heating system worksA typical Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System is plumbed into existing pool plumbing.  Even if your system is not identical to the one shown, the illustration can help you understand the flow of water from the pool, through the pump, filter, solar system and back to the pool.
Notice that the union check valve is plumbed in after the filter. This prevents the filter from being backwashed by the water draining down from the panels when the pump shuts off.
Notice also that the 2-way valve either diverts the water to the solar system or directly back to the pool. It
Features a 5mm hole through the ball of the valve to enable water in the solar system to drain back to the pool when the pump shuts off.

  1. Using the existing circulation pump the water flows through the filter and then directed to the collectors.
  2. Check valve for preventing backwash of the filter when the collectors drain down.
  3. 2 Way valve that directs the water to the collectors when there is efficient sun radiation.
  4. Vacuum release valve for automatic draining of the panels after the solar system shuts off.
  5. Inlet to the solar panels at the lowest side of the bank, using the “reverse return” method.
  6. Outlet from the solar panels back to the pool.


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