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Solar Geyser Systems that reduce everyday electricity consumption cost!!

Solar Geyser InstallationWith the cost of living constantly rising and saving money a neccesary way of live. Associated Solar Industries (Pty) Ltd have solutions that will, with one of the best Solar Geyser Systems on the market can help ease some of the economic strain. With our ecoFLARE PRO panels, imported from Israel, we offer various solar geyser solutions for your home that will suite your needs. Our solar collectors come with the SABS Mark of Approval.

We supply you with alternate energy to run your geyser on sunny days, this means that you save money by reducing your household electricity consumption every day.

Why Use Our System?

COST EFFECTIVE An ecoFLARE PRO Solar Geyser System is the easiest way to save money on your monthly electricity bill, paying for themselves in 2 years.
QUALITY The ecoFLARE PRO Solar Collector is manufactured by one of the world’s leading Solar Water Heating Companies, Magen Eco-Energy in Israel. 
The factory has the SABS Mark and is ISO 9001:2008 compliant.
PROFFESIONALISM GUARANTEED Associated Solar Industries (Pry) Ltd is the sole importer for Southern Africa of Magen eco-Energy Products. We are a registered SESSA Member and a SABS Mark company and on the Eskom Rebate programme as a registered Supplier. We have operated in the solar water heating field for 23 years.
WARRANTY 2 years on the collector
MAINTENANCE FREE Our system does not require Glycol or Anti-freeze, so there is no need for the fluids to be changed every 2 years.
CORROSION RESISTANT The ecoFLARE PRO Solar Collector has no metal parts, so there is no chance of corrosion even on coastal installations.
SCALING RESISTANT Polymer exchanger material eliminates calcium build up.
FREEZE RESISTANT Down to -10°C (guaranteed).
LIGHT WEIGHT An ecoFLARE PRO solar collector only weighs 17kg.


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Solar Conversion Kit for your Existing Geyser

Solar Geyser SYStem Design

Solar Conversion Installation DiagramWe have a 2 panel solar conversion option for existing geysers.
There is no alteraltion to the original electrical heating equipment, which is retained for backup service during non productive solar days.

The changes are to the external pipe work and plumbing into and out of the existing tank and does not affect your geyser guarantee.

The system features a 12V DC Photovoltaic panel, to power the circulatory pump and the differential controller (to ensure that the water is not circulated into a cold panel, thereby cooling the water).

The solar panel has the SABS Mark and is Guaranteed for 5 years including against freeze damage.
This freeze resistance capability is achieved through the panels intrinsinc design rather than by extra protection
components all of which are subject to failure if not maintained.

Sizing your system

The choice between the 1 and / or 2 panel option is determined by the potential water usage in the house.
If 3 or more people are utilizing a particular geyser then the 2 panel conversion is worth considering.
If 1 - 2 people are using a geyser then only 1 panel is a better fit to the consumption pattern.

Economic Justification

Each panel will generate the equivalent of R275 - R300 worth of heating capacity per month (based on the current metro charge of R1.14 per kWh).

Based on a typical installation cost and usage of the system you can recover your costs outlay in 2 to 2.5 years.


Our current solar geyser conversion system's price, fully installed is:

Panel QTY
2 panel conversion 150L / 200L 2 R 16,500.00

  • The price are only indicative and are subject to change after site audit, which will establish the current layout of your hot water system and the work required.
  • Systems are installed on a North facing pitched roof.
  • Flat Roofs require a stand at an additional cost of R650.00 incl.
  • The price's indicated is only indicative of our Pumped systems, thermosyphonic systems prices will be quoted on after a site inspection has been done by one of our qualified installers.
  • All prices are subject to change without notification.

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Type of Solar Geyser Systems & how they work

Thermoshyphon Solar SystemThermosyphonic Solar Geyser System:

The full technical description is a Close-Coupled Direct Thermosyphonic System.
This is the simplest possible solar water heating system and most reliable.

Thermosyphon refers to the fact that water is exchanged between the collector and the tank by the natural movement of the heated water rising up the collector and returning to the top of the tank to be replaced by cold water sourced from the bottom of the tank (the thermoshyphon effect). The tank therefore has to be placed higher than the collector to achieve the thermosyphonic movement, (usually) on the roof.

As the Eco-Flare is freeze resistant, it can operate in the more efficient direct layout namely the water from the tank is heated directly in the collector. Other panels need to be installed as a less efficient in-direct system to protect them from freeze damage. The collectors are connected in a closed loop with a heater exchanger in the storage tank and anti-freeze used as the transfer fluid.  This fluid needs to be changed every 2 years.


  • No maintenance as no antifreeze or glycol is needed.
  • No moving parts, thus reducing the chance of a breakdown.
  • Individual buildings can have it’s own solar geyser.

Pumped Solar SystemPumped or Split Solar Geyser System:

The full technical description is: Close-Coupled Direct Thermosyphonic System.
This system loses the simplicity of the Thermosyphon.

This system loses the simplicity of the Thermosyphon in that the tank is now split away from the panels and is usually installed inside the roof at a lower position.  This then necessitates pumping the water from the tank, through the collector, to return to the top of the storage tank.  To prevent the pump operating during unproductive periods, clouds, rain, at night etc., the system has a differential controller which compares the temperature in the panel to the water temperature in the tank.  All other aspects of the pumped system are the same as for the simpler thermosyphon system.  The main justification for the Pumped Split system is aesthetics, in that some establishments assess that the appearance of an externally mounted tank is not acceptable.


  • No maintenance as no antifreeze or glycol is needed.
  • The geyser doesn’t have to be close to the collector, installed inside the roof.
  • The pump and it’s power backup supply cost very little.

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