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Heating and cooling large water quantities for the increase growth of fish (tilapia) populations in aquacultural water ponds while reducing the cost of high energy demand.

Heliofish Fish farm InstallationAs technology advances, more efficeint and economical artificial growing facilities utilising solar energy are gradually replacing traditional fishing. Creation of an optimal environment demands that natural conditions be replicated, and highly advanced temperature control of the water is a must.

Tilapia grow optimally in water temperatures of 27°C - 30°C. At 25°C their growth rate is reduced and at 22°C their growth rate is nominal.

The HELIOFISH solar heating system is optimised (against cost) to deliver 27°C - 30°C for 8 months of the year and 24°C - 26°C for the four winter months of May to August in central KwaZulu Natal. The winter water temperatures will improve the further north the location and especially if the raceway is tunneled.

The temperature for the wintermonths can be raised to 27°C - 30°C range by using a Heat Pump, but the capital and operatingcosts may exceed the financial benefit (in terms of weight gain of the fish).

This decision can only be measured against the level of commercialisation of the project amd ther requirement to stabilise monthly production. For Subsistence operation it's not warranted.

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Heliofish InstallationWhy use heliofish

  • Increase fish population growth.
  • Effectively heat large quantities of water to the desired temperatures.
  • Safe, clean, non-corrosive - no risk of dangerous chemicals or rust discharge.
  • Regulation of water temperature/capacity maintains uniform/accurate conditions .
  • Aesthetically, the product integrates beautifully with the existing pond.
  • Direct solar water heating reduces energy costs.
  • Savings of 30% to 60% in fuel consumption.
  • Decrease in greenhouse gases and other pollutant emissions.
  • Conservation of finite natural resources.
  • Highly economical - virtually maintenance free.
  • Professionalism Guaranteed as we are registered as a SESSA Member and hold to their code of conduct.


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Benefits and advantages:

  1. MAGEN ecoENERGY's polymetric material has excellent resistance to chemical substances and is impervious to corrosion and scaling.
  2. Specially designed to endure ultra-violet radiation and to withstand harsh weather conditions for a very long time.
  3. No special installation infrastructure or periodic cleaning required, and it is virtually maintenance free.
  4. Weight per area unit is extremely low.
  5. In comparison with the higher costs of Metal or Vacuum tube systems, a Polymetric system has a relatively low Cost versus high Benefits and Performance – offers very swift ROI.
  6. Each solar collector consists of numerous thin tubes, designed to work at high water capacities and to sustain even the strongest winds.
  7. Produced by MAGEN's unique, patented Over-Moulding Injection Technology resulting in seamless, leak-proof, integrally moulded thermoplastic units.
  8. 10 year warranty for the solar collectors and a life expectancy of up to 25 years.

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How does the Fish farm Solar system work

heliofishA typical Fish Farm Heating System as illustrated works with Magen Solar Collectors connected to a fish pond.  The cold water feed from the fish pond gets heated in the solar collector’s (with the free energy that the sun provides) then feed back into the fish pond where it helps promote population growth of the fish.

Even if your system is not identical to the one shown, the illustration can help you understand the flow of water from the fish pond, through the Solar System and back to the fish pond

A Backup Heat Pump is installed to help increase the water temperature in the Winter months.
Various temperature sensors help moderate the water temperature.


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As each installation site differs so does the requirements for the installations, to determine the requirements we do a FREE NO OBLIGATORY quotation that will ensure to suite all your fish farming water heating requirement.

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