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Technical Specifications

Higher performance at a lower costecoSPARK Panel

ecoSPARK solar collector is the latest in Magen eco-Energy's brilliant product range. ecoSpark is an innovative creation for various solar water heating solutions.

eco-Spark incorporates the years of experience and proven performance from Magen eco-Energy's intellectual property. EcoSpark is perfect for areas with high wind chill factores and low ambient temperature conditions where the glazing prevents the surface heat losses associated with unglazed collecors.

EcoSPARK Unique Features

Over-molding Injection Technology

One of a kind injection process connects riser tubes to the header, creating a single polymer panel with no leaks.

Square manifold header

Unique square design to assure tight fatening and mounting of the panel to any roof type.ecoSpark Panel cut off

Sealing Panel

Patent pending mechanism that allows the absorber to expand / contract and simultaneously prevents water and dust ingress into the glazing.

individual tube

PC Glazing

Coated with durable and sustainable UV blocking layer, that ensures high transparency over long period of time.

Modular structure

Enables fast and firm connection between panels, creating any size absorption area over any type of roof imaginable.

Multiwall Encapsulation Glazing

Produces greenhouse effect and back insulation for each individual tube. Significantly improves the thermal efficiency of the panel.

Innovative Engineering

A combination of a special header and mounting features eliminates possible tile damage caused by the constant contraction and expansion of the materials, while preserving flow characteristics with minimum pressure drop.

Parts & Fittings

All-Polymer parts, creating simple connection between panels and standard plumbing pipes.

ecoSpark fittings

Specially formulated Polymer Material

Tested in authorized laboratories, a unique polymer formula stabilizes against sustained ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather conditions and aging.


Made of composite polymeric material, strengthens the colector, creates constant space betwwen modules and allows simple connection to metal rack in order to absorb lift force caused from strong winds.ecoSpark Binders


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collector output

Units Spark
Cool 35°C
(95° F)
Btu/day 55,200 39,800 23,200
kWh/day 16.18 11.66 6.80
Medium 50°C
(122° F)
Btu/day 40,000 28,800 19,200
kWh/day 11.72 8.44 5.63


Eco-Spark mechanical stability

°C 20 40 60 80
°F 68 104 104 176
Maximum Recommended
Operating Pressure
bar 8 6 4 2
psi 120 90 60 30
Burst Pressure bar 25 18 14 10
psi 360 260 200 145


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ecoSpark InstalledDimensions & Specifications

Collectors type   SPark
Length m 3.23 2.31 2.00
Width m 1.2 1.2 0.92
Area m2 3.85 2.77 1.85
Weight "dry" kg 17 13.1 8.8
Volume Capacity lit 11.7 9 6.1
Weight "Wet" kg 28.7 22.1 14.9
No. of binders # 12 9 4
Weight "full" kg / m2 7.5 8 8.1
Rec. Flow Rate lit / hr 900 720 150


Pressure Drop

ecoSpark Pressure Drop Graph

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Standards & certificationecoSpark Fastend to roof

ISO 9001-2008


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004


ISO 14001:2004


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