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Technical Specifications
ecoFlare Panel

Revolutionizing hot water consumption

eco-FLARE PRO is the world's first 100% polymeric flat plate solar collector for industrial and domestic hot water projects. eco-FLARE PRO is designed for high temperature (70°C) potable water heating applications.

Eco-FLARE PRO is suitable for large range of applications, from heating water for a single house or apartment to heating large quantities of water for hotels and industrial facilities. The unique polymeric composition developed specifically for this product enables it to withstand the most severe weather condtions including freezing down to -10°C even filled with water. eco-FLARE PRo eliminates the need for antifreeze liquid and heat exchangers. It's unique design utilizes specifically formulated Polyolefin-Polymer with extreme heat stabalization and pressure resistance to dry and wet stagnation.

Eco-FLARE PRO revolutionises and simplifies the design of solar water heating systems for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Key contributing Benefits

  • 100% polymeric glazed solar collector.
  • Freeze resistant down to -10°C.
  • High water pressure resistant.
  • 4 quick connection points.
  • Super light.
  • Full wetted collector plate gives greater efficieny than strip riser tube flat plate design.
  • Unified water flow.
  • Unique in the market.
  • Perfect for large commercial installations.

Eco-FLARE PRO Materials
Construction / Design

Absorber Material

Specially formulated Copolymer material, tested in authorized laboratories and proven to resist the effects of sustained Ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather conditions, corrosion, lime scale, salts and seawater, freezing and high pressure.

Eco-Flare Solar Collector

Casing & Frame

Extremely lightweight reinforced Copolymer Components for easy installation and minimal roof load.

Absorber Design

117 Individual Copolymer PN 16 capillary pipes, connected to a manifold header using MAGEN eco-ENERGY's Patented Over-Molding injection technique.


Encasing of specialized Polyurethane foam and treated Polyester foil for ultimate protection and heat retention.

Back Plate

Ultraviolet resistant and stabilized back plate.


Multiwall, Ultraviolet resistant glazing. Lightweight and impact resistance, 200 times more durable than glass.


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Unique Features

Absorber Header Design

Patent pending square manifold header, resistant to extreme pressures and temperature from -10°C (Freezing conditions) as well as 80°C water temperature.

Heliocol Panel Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
Piping Connections & Venting Mechanism

Quick Connections

4 quick connection points for 16mm (5/8") standard heat resistant pipes enable quick installation and unified water flow.


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ecoFlare Installation in Israel

collector output

Units 3M
Medium 50°C
(122° F)
kWh/day 8.6
Kcal/day 7,400
Btu/day 29,200


Eco-Flare PRO mechanical stability

°C 20 40 60 80
°F 68 104 104 176
Maximum Recommended
Operating Pressure
bar 16 10 6 4
psi 232 145 87 58


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Dimensions & Specifications

Model   M3
Gross area m2 2.15
Net area m2 1.85
Length cm 215
Width cm 100
Height cm 9
Weight (dry) kg 15
Fluid Capacity lit 6
Operating Pressure kPa 500
Test Pressure kPa 1000
Freezing Resistant °C -10


Standards & certification

ISO 9001-2008


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004


ISO 14001:2004

SANS 1307

South Africa

NSF 61




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